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Meet Our Team




Aloha, guys! Thank you for checking us out! You can read more about our story and our goals on our About Us page! Keep scrolling to check out our amazing team of Righteous Warriors Ambassadors!

(San Diego Ho'olaule'a 2018)





Kaitlyn is currently 21 years old and joined Righteous Warriors as an ambassador in September of 2017. Though she is a San Diego native, she recently moved up to Oregon with her family and continues to share the Gospel where ever she goes. Through the time that we have worked with Kaitlyn, she has continued to bloom into her true place in Christ everyday. It has been absolutely amazing to watch her grow in her relationship with Jesus and conquer her anxiety little by little as she explores new doors that the Lord opens for her. She is now currently apart of her church's worship team in Oregon. Kaitlyn is a true role model of a strong Christian woman, and she is most definitely the truest friend! In her free time, she enjoys singing, making jewelry, and teaching herself how to play the ukulele.

"Having faith means believing in God even when you don't think you can make it through a rough time or situation. Having a relationship with Jesus is important in my life because without Him, I AM NOTHING. By having a relationship with Jesus, I can guarantee that I am always protected and loved even when I feel completely alone." - Kaitlyn Upshaw



Kahtrel is currently 18 years old and joined Righteous Warriors as an ambassador in September of 2017. He recently moved out of San Diego to attend Brown University in Rhode Island. Kahtrel is such a gentle soul and continues to stay busy at church, school, and with extra curricular activities. He's a great servant of God and understands the importance of maintaining a relationship with Jesus. Though he can come off as the quiet one, Kahtrel is extremely friendly and is not afraid to befriend and welcome anyone that crosses his path. There is absolutely nothing but love, peace, and joy when it comes to Kahtrel. We cannot wait to see where God takes him in his new adventure through college life! In his free time, he likes playing football and enjoying the company of friends.

"Faith means trusting in God during tough times and understanding that our thoughts and ways are not always that of the Lord's, like it says in Isaiah 55:8. Having a relationship with Jesus is important to me because He gives me hope through those tough times. I dedicated my life to Him and to building the Kingdom of God because He loves me unconditionally and sent His Son to die on the cross so that I may have eternal life." - Kahtrel Maynard



Janelle is currently 18 years old and has recently graduated from Steele Canyon High School as part of the Class of 2018. She plans to go into culinary arts and eventually open up her own restaurant some day. Janelle is one of our younger Righteous Warriors Ambassadors and is also Jennifer's little sister. She is such a caring individual and is known for trying to get all of her friends to come to church with her! Janelle is always helping her friends work on their personal relationships with Jesus and has even supplied some of her friends and loved ones with their very first Bibles. Since she is still so young, we cannot wait to see what God has planned for her future. Though she is also one to struggle with anxiety, she continues to overcome these road blocks daily with God as her strength. With her will power, we know God will take her further than she'll ever know in life. On another note, Janelle's hobbies include boxing, cooking, and playing with her dogs.

"Having faith means that I always have a reason to push through obstacles in life because I know I'm not facing them alone. Having a relationship with Jesus is important because I am not the strongest person in general, so I try to find strength and comfort in Him. Being a Christian in today's generation is sort of like taking a huge stand during a war because not only are you constantly on trial for your faith by others, you are also battling all the extra temptations and influences from the world around you." - Janelle Digdigan



Rachel is currently 21 years old and became a Righteous Warriors Ambassador in June of 2018. Rachel is an inspiring young woman of God and actively works in youth ministry weekly. If you know Rachel, you would know that she absolutely shows what having a Christ-like mindset and lifestyle looks like! On a side note, don't be surprised if you see her at one of your local youth groups or Christian events, she is an active volunteer and helper in these! Overall, Rachel is a busy bee and she is always looking for ways to glorify God in her life! We must admit, sitting down and having a conversation with Rachel is most definitely a breath of fresh air. In her free time, she also enjoys writing, blogging, photography, boxing, and serving in youth ministry. 

"Faith is trusting in the unseen. Sometimes it cannot be explained but is always there. He is always faithful. My relationship with Jesus is the source of my life. I find my purpose in Him, my salvation in Him, my identity in Him. The times I have felt the most joy was not when everything was going according to my plan, but when I was closest to Him. Being a Christian in today's generation means being set-apart and selfless. Despite a "selfie generation," self love is not the answer. God's love is." - Rachel Untalan



Torrie is currently a 21 year old college student and joined our Righteous Warriors Ambassador program in June of 2018. Torrie is known to be the beautiful, bright smile you see when you visit the Skyline Church Cafe, and her personality and love for Christ is just as beautiful! Honestly, we're convinced that she has never gone a day without smiling and using her own joy to brighten the day of others. She is such a great person to have around, and she has such an amazing heart for others. Torrie is currently going to school to work with children with special needs, and we cannot wait to see where God may take her in her field of work. With a heart like hers, we could see Torrie not only impacting her local community, but generations to come with the extremely kind and understanding love that she radiates into the lives of others. In her free time, Torrie enjoys shopping, swimming, hanging out with family and friends, dancing, and working out.

"Having faith means allowing God to take over your life completely and trusting in God's plan for you in every aspect whether it be financially, career-wise, or spiritually. A relationship with Jesus is important because when other things in life may change, He will always be constant. Being a Christian in today's generation means smiling until your cheeks hurt from laughing so hard, and taking every day we are blessed to have to affect someone else's life in a good way." - Torrie Fa'atiliga



Isabella is currently 16 years old and joined us as an ambassador in July of 2018. She is currently a Junior at Steele Canyon High School and attends youth group regularly each week. She is our youngest ambassador with one of the biggest personalities! Isabella is such an easy-going person, and though we're sure she knows this, she is definitely known for giving people a good laugh! She has no shame when it comes to being known as the "Jesus Girl," making her not only the COOLEST KID AROUND, but also a true leader and young minister to her fellow peers. Aside from being class clown and continuing to be one of the smartest kids in her graduating class, Isabella also enjoys playing water polo and golf for her school's team in her free time. "The Grind Never Stops" with this one! (Yes, that's Isabella's infamous catch phrase.)

"To me, having faith means believing in something you can't see, but believing simply because you feel it. Having a relationship with Jesus is important in my life because through Him, I am able to do all things whether or not I feel like I could do them myself. Being a Christian in today's generation means to be Christ-like, to live a life as Christ did. We must avoid the enemy's tactics to fully commit ourselves to Christ." - Isabella Franco